LadyHacks II: Philadelphia’s second annual hackathon for women

Last weekend was the second annual LadyHacks in Philadelphia. I was honored to be an organizer and participant of this hackathon aimed at getting more women involved in working on collaborative projects and contributing to open source. I wrote about the eight projects that came out of it for Philly.

In celebration of International Women’s Day last weekend, 80 local developers and students gathered at First Round Capital to collaborate on projects for the city’s second annual LadyHacks, a hackathon geared at getting more women involved in the tech community.

The event, which was organized by a volunteer committee of members from Girl Develop It (including, full disclosure, this writer) and Girl Geek Dinners and led by Sondra Willhite, who spearheaded the first LadyHacks in 2013, saw a 20 percent increase in attendance.

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