Summer of Open Source Project Night

Speaking at OSCON 2014

Our talk was accepted! On the final day of 2013, Happy Cog developer, Girl Develop It Philly instructor —also longtime friend—Cat Farman and I got together and finished up our OSCON speaker proposal: Lessons from Girl Develop It: Getting More Women Involved in Open Source. We recorded our required video and shipped off our packet. In March, we were notified that our talk was accepted and that … Continue reading Speaking at OSCON 2014

Heidi Saman

Interview: Heidi Saman for Rad Girls

I think a lot of women don’t think they have something to say. Or that it’s not very original. Or it’s not very interesting. So I think knowing you have a voice is very important. – Heidi Saman Check out my recent Rad Girls interview with independent filmmaker and radio producer, Heidi Saman. I met Heidi about six years ago when I was still in college, doing … Continue reading Interview: Heidi Saman for Rad Girls

GDI Philly GitHub Class, 2013

Girl Develop It Philly’s Summer of Open Source

The following post was co-written by Cat Farman. Last year, Girl Develop It Philly sent out a survey to our members. We asked questions about courses, what students are learning, what their careers are like and whether they’ve ever contributed to open source projects. To our delight and surprise, we learned that 10% of members surveyed had contributed to free and open source software in some … Continue reading Girl Develop It Philly’s Summer of Open Source